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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunny Summer Sunday

We got our first dose of hot summer weather yesterday, a week before Memorial Day weekend. It was sunny and breezy with temps near 90 degrees and high humidity. where as just a week earlier we were shivering through highs in the 40's. I pulled out the wading pool for the Boogie-Man early in morning and got it cleaned and filled so it could warm up a bit, well water can be pretty cold. When Boogie was done for the day the Muscovy drake hopped in and had a great time splashing half the water out. We had a little bit of lunch outside and in the afternoon a lady and her three boys stopped by and purchased one of the bunnies I have for sale (still three left, come 'n get 'em!).

This morning at 8am the thermometer read 80 degrees on the shady side of the house, it's going to be another hot one. I've got chores done, Boogies pool is rinsed and refilled, a gallon of goat milk is in the pasteurizer, 2 gallons are on the stove becoming cheese, dinner is in the crock pot and I've got a load of diapers washed and ready to be hung out on the line and I think I will make some ice cream for dessert! Today will be a good day for a nice long nap!

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