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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A new asparagus bed

15 years ago I planted my asparagus near a plum tree sapling. That sapling has grown into a tree that is now shading my asparagus and production is sparse, so time for a new bed in a new location. Boogie helped, of course.

I purchased 15 two year Jersey Giant crowns, an all male variety for better production, and dug a trench in full sun. Then I added a good amount of well rotted chicken manure, placed the roots 18" apart and watered them in. Asparagus is a heavy feeder and likes lots of compost. I covered the crowns with 6" of soil and watered again. Now the planting directions call for 3" to 4" deep plantings, but I have found that here in this climate planting the crowns deeper is more successful.

If all goes well I'll have a small crop to harvest next spring.
I intend to try and transplant the old stock in hopes of salvaging some of those crowns too.
Asparagus also grows wild along the roadsides, you either need to know where it grows or keep a sharp eye out when driving the back roads.

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