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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bunny Update - Week 2

Here they are at a week old, all eight of them! Looks like 2 are black, 3 gray/silver and 3 white (actually more like a whiter shade of gray at this point). Mama is doing a wonderful job!

The older litter, there are seven, is up and hopping around the colony. They are sampling solid foods and growing FAST! It is very time consuming trying to handle all of them to make them tame so it is easier to harvest the fibre from them when they mature. It would be nice if Boog could help, but I think he might make matters worse. I can't wait for them to start to get fluffy.

There are lots of things happening at the homestead this week. The new asparagus bed is planted as are most of the cole crops and potatoes. Today is the average last frost date here so the next few weeks I can start planting the bulk of the tomatoes, peepers, eggplant and beans. Busy, busy, busy.

I'll leave you with Boogie and Rebel playing in the sunshine.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, try and squeeze in a siesta to celebrate.

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