Early Spring Sunrise Snow on the Silo

Friday, May 14, 2010

Some sunshine at last!

After weeks of cold, rain and WIND, finally some sunshine (and WIND). I needed to either run to the feed store or consider feeding Rob to the various animals, so Boogie and I made the trip to Cassville. After loading up the Escort wagon with feed, I took the little guy to the park on the Mississippi River so he could play and I could knit a little. I realize I take for granted how nice the country around the river can be. It occurred to me that this little town, with it's location right along the river, should be doing well as a tourist destination, but it is floundering. The town has a coal fired electric plant and was in the running for the construction of a bio-mass facility and and upgrade of the existing coal plant, but environmentalists from Madison decided to fight that, as they always do, with no concern for the local opinion and the demand for electricity. In the end, the plant was not built and it has been devastating for the local economy. Many rentals sit empty. There is very little in the way of business, they have lost 2 restaurants and 2 taverns in the past few years, at least a dozen properties are for sale and a 3 bedroom house auctioned recently for under $20,000. This is one of the narrowest spots on the river and a car ferry operates all summer to cross back and forth to Iowa, something fun to do even if it's to just to make a round trip on a hot summer day. The water front park is very nice, and boasts a farmers market on Saturdays in the summer, though it does not allow dogs so we don't visit often. There is a good size grocery store, gas station, locally owned bank (not a lot of those left!)bowling alley and the obligatory taverns and churches. Rob worked for the lumber yard for 8 years before being laid off last August. Twin-O-Rama, once a weekend festivity that drew twins from around the country, has dwindled down to a single day event with few participants. The historic rooming house on the river where Governor Dewey died in poverty is in terrible disrepair. It would be really nice if the area could turn itself around, sad to see a place with such potential fade into history.

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