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Friday, May 28, 2010

Over the river and through the woods.....

Boogie and I made the long drive to visit Grandpa yesterday! After getting up extra early, piling in the glorified go-cart and a quick fast food breakfast mystery shop (that paid for the days fuel YAY!) we trekked across the state to see Bill at the cabin that has been in my family since the early 1900's. He is up for the summer from his winter place down south. We went for Japanese food for lunch and then the Boogie-Man had a great time playing with Grandpas' old toy trucks, being the center of attention and pretty much running the show. We had to make the big decision between getting a slide or drums, and with it being summer the slide won out so we have this coming in a week or so. I'm sure Boogie will LOVE it! I'm also very happy to have it delivered and not have to struggle to jam it in my bitsy car. We figured the drums can wait until his birthday, buying me another 5 months of relative quiet.

He had so much fun playing with Grandpa!

Boogie even dragged Grandpa out the door for a walk on the road alongside the slough where he got to see a pair of Mallard ducks and a turtle getting ready to lay eggs in her nest.

After such a long busy day with no nap,
Boog was asleep after only 10 miles into the long drive home. He only slept about an hour or so of the 3 hour drive, and as soon as we got home he told Rob "bedtime, 'nite 'nite!" and went right off to sleep!

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