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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heeeeeere's Whitney

This morning was spent making the hour drive to DeSoto, Wisconsin to pick up a new
Oberhasli doe. Whitney is 4 years old and currently milking, so I will be able to make more cheese and ice cream. She did well on the ride home in a large crate in the back of the pick up. I took advantage of having the truck and stopped on the way back and picked up two more apple trees and seven blueberry bushes. Boogie was very helpful, as always. He enjoyed the ride up because he got to see lots of choo-choo trains, then he napped on the way back after playing with the dogs, cats and goats at the farm we visited.
See the blueberries on the roof and hood of my poor car?

Here is Whit with the blue collar meeting Iris for the first time. She is going to have to be kept in for a week or so with limited access to grass as she came from a large dairy herd which has no pasture available. A belly full of green grass when a goat is not used to it can mean big trouble, and I've had enough of that lately.

I'm sure Conner will be very happy to have a new lady in his life too!

Boogie says "Have a GREAT weekend, I sure am!"

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