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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!

The three goats all went together to a new home! It is so nice to be able to milk without the LaMancha doe constantly pulling the stall door open to grab some grain. I'm really happy to be back to my all registered Oberhasli herd too, though I think I might need another doe or two.I have baby chicks, ducklings and guinea keets everywhere! In the dining room, the bathroom, on the porch and in the barn. Really, EVERYWHERE!
While the calendar and thermometer still say summer, it's time to get into the fall phase of gardening. I've got about 5 weeks until my average first frost. Things really get busy this time of year. For the most part, tomatoes set after the first of September won't have time to ripen so now is the time to prune new growth. This will help the green fruit to ripen as well. The same rings true for winter squash.

While there is still time for lettuce and spinach, all the other fall crops should be planted by now. It is also time to put in green manure cover crops and get garlic into the ground for next years harvest. Horseradish can be harvested and replanted. Be sure to grate and prepare the root in a well ventilated area, the fumes can be very strong!
Lots and lots of canning and preserving happening too! I have pretty much run out of shelf space and the counters are filling up fast.
I thawed out about 20 pounds of frozen venison and canned it up. So glad to have all that out of the freezer! Today I will can some tomatoes and the last of the green beans.
Boogie likes to help with the canning, but it wears him out. I guess I work him too hard! Wish I could sleep that well. I've promised him a camp out in the yard with a fire and s'mores, guess we will have to get on that soon since summer is quickly coming to and end, but I think we will wait until after the rain stops.
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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