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Saturday, September 11, 2010

East Troy Electric Railroad

With the passing of Labor Day, shorter days and cooler nights, one thing is certain, Grandpa will be heading south soon. So after chores I packed up the cooler with soda, juice and snacks for Boogie and I, a few fresh veggies and some home made cottage cheese for Bill, climbed into the go cart and headed across the state.
We met up with Grandpa at the cabin and headed over to East Troy, Wisconsin to take our little train fanatic for a ride on an historic electric rail line.

We located the train station, despite the GPS informing us it did not exist, and then grabbed a bite of lunch. Boogie fueled up on a favorite of toddlers every where, grilled cheese, 'fench fies' and chocolate milk.
Then we boarded a 100 year old trolley, made in Minneapolis, lovingly and proudly (if not so authentically) maintained and operated by volunteers. Boogie was very excited to actually be riding a Choo Choo! We headed off down the line and after about 300 yards, came to a complete halt. After 100 years of service the trolley decided to wait for us to board to decide to break down!
We were able to limp back to the station and after a very short delay, boarded train cars that ran on the Chicago elevated tracks through the early 1970's.
It was pretty neat to take my son on his first train ride in cars similar to those I rode on as a child. Yes, I'm that old.
The turn around point for the short round trip is a specialty food shop/orchard/greenhouse (aka tourist trap) called the Elegant Farmer. They are known for their 'baked in a paper bag apple pie' that, in addition to it's unusuall cooking method has a top crust which is more like a short bread cookie then a traditional pie crust. Unbelievably yummy and not recommended for those seriously counting calories. I, on the other hand, bought the largest one they sell and have plans to make some vanilla ice cream to go with it. If I keep this up they will need a piano box to bury me!

After, we went back to the cabin to relax a bit. Boogie adores his grandpa and loves spending time with him. I think Grandpa kinda likes the little guy too, they are quite the pair. I hope we can squeeze one more visit in before he heads south.
Finally, since I am more likely to gripe about his tantrums, the messes he makes and the artwork he creates in inappropriate place, I just want to say that Boogie was incredibly well behaved throughout the whole day. I know that being patient and resisting temptation at a place like the Elegant Farmer is an heroic accomplishment for a boy who is 'almost' 3 years old!
Way to go Boogie. Mommie is very proud of you!

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