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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Putting up hay for the winter

One of the things about winter here in Wisconsin, you have to plan ahead to feed the animals. While I might be able to find hay to purchase during winter months, it's not always easy to get it to the farm and in the barn with huge snow drifts in the way. It is so much more convenient to get the hay right out of the field and put it up in the barn while the weather is still cooperating.
Boogie loves to climb on the bales as they are unloaded from the rack. he is much too brave, and not at all afraid of heights! He treats the pile as his own personal mountain.
He also likes to 'help' even though the bales each weight more then he does. He will be able to lift them soon enough, and probably won't be so happy about the prospect by then.
The large pile of bales unloaded from the hay rack and ready to be stacked in the barn. One less thing to worry about.
Even with that out of the way, I'm still hoping for a mild winter!

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