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Monday, October 4, 2010

Arboretum, last Grandpa visit of the season :(

Boogie and I were able to go for one last visit with Grandpa before he heads back down south. Yes, the go cart actually made the trip again, this time on much needed shiny new tires.

My sister and her two girls also made trip up from Chicago, so all the Grandchildren were there.We wanted to get a picture of the four of them, but The Boogie-monster was not at all co-operative! Holding still is not his strong suit!We stopped at a small arboretum in Delavan, Wisconsin and helped the youngest niece collect leaves for school project. This tree is labeled as the 'Robin Hood Tree' and is purported to have been grown from a seed of a columnar Oak from Sherwood Forest.
Then we headed back to the cabin to chill for a while before heading home.
I was finally able to snap this picture of Grandpa with all his Grandchildren, though Boogie was still not willing to hold still for long.
I know where he gets all his energy though, he sucks it all out of me!

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