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Saturday, October 23, 2010

National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Sgt. Stubby was embalmed and lies in the Smithsonian Museum
While my little monsters are all American Staffordshire Terriers, their heritage is from the APBT and the breeds are often confused. Because of this relationship, and the stigma associated with Bully breeds, I try to give them my support whenever possible. The media rushes to "report" any negative acts by Bully breeds (and often mis-identifies non-bully breeds just for the shock factor) they tend to neglect the helpful and often heroic acts these dogs have performed.

"I own many pit bulls and have used
them for one of their original purposes, as a Nanny to my kids."

Once known as the nanny dog, and the most popular breed of dog in this country. Helen Keller owned a Pit and 'Buddy' was the co-pilot on the first cross country automobile trip! People certainly have changed! However there are still many, many supporters and defenders of these breeds working to fight prejudice and breed specific legislation across the country.

Grant is a dual registered AKC AmStaff and UKC APBT who works at the Milford Memorial Library in Iowa, check out his Facebook page . Then there is Ruby, a certified therapy dog that was found abandoned and ended up in the Minnesota Veterinarian Medical Association Animal Hall of Fame! Even the majority of the dogs confiscated from Micheal Vicks fighting operation are in happy homes, many of them with Canine Good Citizen certifications, a few are working therapy dogs. Who would have thought anything good would have come from that mess. Just proves the heart and versatility of this wonderful breed. There are lots of small, breed specific rescues like Last Chance Pit Bull Rescue that specialize in Bully breeds since so many shelters have a kill policy regarding them, usually based on their insurance coverage. Please give them your support when ever you can.
Mine just make messes, occasionally terrorize my chickens and keep the Boogie-monster entertained. The pups are nearly six weeks old now. They are eating solid foods and goats milk and have had their first vaccinations. The littlest guy is already spoken for! (but he's not going anywhere for AT LEAST a few more weeks)
There are so many groups,clubs and websites that I can't even begin to cover them all here.
So if you ever have the chance to befriend, defend or love a bully, go for it!

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful words about Pit Bulls. The truth is getting out there! Animal Planet now has Pit Boss & another season of Pit Bulls & Parolees!