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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Beginnings of Autumn on the Farm(ette)

With August having been so hot, it's rather nice to have cooler weather, however I am not ready for cold just yet. Yesterday was damp and chilly, necessitating a fire in the wood stove. I took advantage of the 'free' heat source, cooking down a batch of apples for sauce, steaming some squash to freeze and cooking 2 pounds of pinto beans for chili and canning. I just love it when the stove does double duty, both heat and cooking. Today is really pleasant, sunny and warm, and I need to get a lot of laundry done as we are expecting rain most of the rest of the week. The one draw back of not using a dryer is working around the rain.
The harvest color of the day is bright red! The peppers are super sweet and Boogie polished off a small one straight off the plant. Some of these are already in the crock pot as part of a batch of beef chili. The pepper plants are having a surge of flowering at the moment, unfortunately it will frost long before these flowers produce any peppers.
I need to get plastic on the hoop house, now in it's new location out of the wind and with all day exposure to the sun.
It is breeding season for the Oberhasli dairy goats, and boy is the buck stinking up the barnyard. Fortunately I find the musky scent tolerable and Boogie doesn't seem to mind it at all.
I've been working on Chullo hats to stock at my store on Hyena Cart. I really enjoy working with the different wools and all the beautiful colors. It's also nice to have a small, portable craft to take with to play group or on lon
g car rides. It's also one of the best insurance policies against waiting for very long for appointments. It never fails that as soon as I pull out my knitting, they are ready for us! I'm also planning to stock some fun eyelash yarn skinny scarves.I was given a box of Concord grapes and canned them as juice and grape jelly. I used to have wonderful wild grapes here, but one bad winter took them all out. The few vines I have left don't produce fruit. I'll need to plant some grapes of my own next spring. Add that to the list.

The leaves are just beginning to change colors and the nights are quite cool. Days are shorter and frost can not be far off. The shorter days have caused my hens egg production to plummet, I'd better get a light in the coop if we want fresh eggs for breakfast. Boogies third birthday and the holiday season is just around the corner. Hope you enjoy the bounty of the season.

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