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Monday, August 9, 2010

Things that go boom in the night

Well, today started at about 1 am when a front and thunderstorm blew through. After sprinting up and down stairs to close windows against the deluge and turn the brooder light on the new ducklings to keep them warm, I was able to get back to sleep. The power stayed on for which I am thankful as the large incubator is full and there are about a dozen newly hatched chicks in the brooder.
This morning found another section of one of the large, old trees around the house down in the driveway in between the buildings, but right on the back of the stock car.
You can see how lucky we were, the shed is to the right, the house in the background and the chicken coop is in the foreground to the left. The damage to the fencing does not not appear to be too severe. Yes, that is the cat perched in the middle of the mess.

Some dead limbs fell elsewhere, like this branch that went through the particle board cover on one of the rabbit pens.
Over all a total of nearly 2" of rain, along with winds of up to 60mph made for a fun night. Most of the tomato towers had toppled and needed to be re-staked this morning. The weather is predicted to be hot and muggy all week long, so I think any canning will be done outside.
The old air conditioner decided not to work after all these years. I generally only need to run it a few days every year and this year, while it cools, the fan refuses to work. I've searched all the stores in the area and the only thing available are the very expensive models, so I guess I'll just tough it out unless I find something on Craigslist.

Today I need to finish sexing the last two litters of bunnies and separate them into buck and doe pens
. I also need to launder a ton of diapers, I really wish Boogie would get more interested in using the potty so I can eliminate that chore! Hopefully, that will happen soon. I'm off, the sooner I get started, the sooner I'll be finished!

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