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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boating and Fishing - Yay! Awesome!

Some of my posts really mean little to anyone who isn't an close friend or family member, and this is one of them. Lots of pictures of a handsome little boy learning to do new things and having lots of fun! On our most recent visit to Grandpas, Boogie got to go on his first boat ride, watched Grandpa catch a fish and then tried a little fishing of his own.
The northern was teeny tiny, but Boogie still thought it was pretty cool.
First he tried real fishing, which can be a little slow for someone who is 2 1/2.
Then some toy
fishing.A new Thomas toy, thanks Grandpa!
But he still loves to play with all the ol
d toys at the cabin.
Drip, loving all the attention.
A little rough-housing with Grandpa!

Helping out with some chores
A walk in the afternoon
I'm hoping we can get over for one or two more visits before Grandpa heads south for the winter. Walworth County Fair starts next week, that would be lots of fun!

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