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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Garden Woes

The garden is looking really good and producing well. This year, like every year, there are a few failures and disappointments. This morning I found cabbage worms had eaten off most of my fall broccoli seedlings right down to the soil leaving little stubs.Fortunately, I had already planted some of them and have all of the fall cauliflower planted. I may start some more today, but it may be too late unless I plant them in the hoop house.
Despite my best efforts, it looks like I lost one of the banana squash vines to borers. Happily it only appears to be one as you can see the other healthy vines in the back.
My biggest problem is my Montmorecy cherry, which is standing in water left behind by all the rain we've had, so all its leaves are turning yellow. I imagine the roots are rotting and I will probably lose the tree :(
Fortunately, most everything else is doing well so I am digging potatoes, picking chard and have plenty of cabbage.
Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are loving this weather.
The melons are almost ripe.
So over all not too many problems, though I did have complete failure of my edemame seeds, it certainly could be much worse. I need to get the hoop house moved to its new location ASAP and there is some tree trimming that needs to be done. I just got a small load of dirt that needs to be utilized as well. Perhaps another raised bed?
Now it's time to start canning tomatoes!

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