Early Spring Sunrise Snow on the Silo

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sure Signs of Spring!

Living right on the cusp between UDSA zones 4 and 5, by this time of year I am ready for spring and all that it brings. Rogue enjoys soaking up the sun in the herb garden. Perennials are beginning to poke up through the thawing soil.




Since the forecast is calling for overnight temps right around freezing, I'm going to leave a few trays of seedlings out in the hoop house overnight to see how they fare. Broccoli, chard, cheddar and purple cauliflower and some lettuce seedlings. Our last frost usually comes around the first week of may, however these crops can handle some freezing temperatures. I also use cold frames and the hoop house to extend the growing season. I have some red potatoes and snap peas planted in raised beds, where the soil is dry enough to work but still cool to the touch, even in the afternoon sunshine. There are still have plenty of seedlings left to start inside.

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