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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patricks Day!

The obligatory Corned Beef Tip is in the crock pot with some of last years red potatoes. The reds from last year stored very well in the root cellar and I will be planting them again this years. I already have a few planted in a raised bed and intend to plant some Snow Peas today or tomorrow. The flat leafed parsley is from a pot that I started back in January when the seed catalogs first start arriving and I'm itching to garden but there is 3 feet of snow on the ground..

I have store bought cabbage simmering on the wood stove in well salted water and I'll bake a quick loaf of traditional Irish soda bread to tie it all together. I leave the core in the wedges of cabbage while they cook as this makes it so much easier to serve them without falling completely apart. Love a good excuse to cook up corned beef and cabbage! Perhaps a half batch of Ree Drummonds' apple dumplings for dessert. I only use about half the recommended sugar and they are still PLENTY sweet, yummy!

Some one have a whiskey (or two) for me! HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!

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