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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out In The Country

Let me be clear, I am by no means out in the middle of nowhere.  I live between two of the small towns that pop up about 20 miles or so apart in this area.  They generally have a population of around 700, with a bar and feed store and a few churches, most have a gas/convenience or gas/grocery store.  This is not off the grid with an hour drive to the nearest paved road, but 'in the country' on 'small acreage'.    I'm far enough out of town to be unable to get high speed internet, but that is the only sacrifice of modern technology I suffer.  I am only about 20 miles from the county seat, and about 22 miles from a Wal-mart Super-Center.  While there are hospitals and clinics in the area, my toddlers' need for a Pediatric Opthomologist require an 80 mile drive, each way.  A drive which we made today, to spend all of 10 minutes in an exam room to be told that I need to patch his 'good' eye for 4 hours a day and come back in 3 months.  (Having spent the past 6 months cajoling, begging, bribing and forcing him to wear his glasses and the almost weekly visits to the Optometrist for repairs and adjustment, this seems like mission impossible.)  The upside to the drive is the chance to shop at Woodmans for some more exotic foods and visit a few large craft supply stores.  Today I was lucky enough to stumble upon a closeout on natural color Patons' Classic Wool so I stocked up, though I don't have a project in mind. A girl can't have too much wool yarn, can she?

Tomorrow we begin adventures in eye patching a stubborn toddler.

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