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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Update from the Farm

Here is my new strawberry bed, it's loaded with rich compost so I'm hoping for a bumper harvest next spring.
The caterpillars have become chrysalis and soon I will move them into their mesh cage. They grew very quickly and it is amazing how much they eat in such a short period of time!

Boogie and I went to Rendezvous for a bit on Friday and Saturday. The weather on Saturday was amazing and Boogie liked watching the Native American dancers. With all the dogs we have at home, he still wants to pet every single dog he sees. His doggie back pack/harness is a life saver in crowds. He didn't get the nick name Boogie for nothing.

I found him a little tool kit at a garage sale a while back and he likes to help Rob with projects. He got the
frame built for a sand box, now we just need sand.

I also found a much needed dog house and a cute toy chest at garage sales this past weekend, wish I would have had time to check out more of them.

I found a single chick down by the hen house with an injury to the right side of it's head. I had no idea what had happened to it (it had been hatched by a broody hen that is not getting a mother of the year award) and I couldn't tell if the eye was viable so I brought it up to the brooder where it has done well with the incubator chicks and guineas. The eye is fine, though it appears she will have a permanent scar, and she will eventually join the layers back in the coop.

Looking forward to the official start of summer, play group on Tuesday, an evening estate auction and a visit to Old World Wisconsin on Saturday where I will meet a dear friend that I haven't seen in a while, meet her family and she can meet Boogie too!

Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day!

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