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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some spring knitting projects

Here they are, most likely the last pair of wool shorties I'll knit for Boogie, Tiger Tail on Bluefaced Leicester wool by Wooly Wonders by Nada. We have about a dozen pairs for the summer and by fall I expect he should be house trained. Well, maybe by Christmas. Before New Year. There will be NO diapers by next summer. At least I hope not.

I have quite a few pairs of longies knitted up for fall and winter,
sized large
nough to anticipate him being taller. Then we'll be done. Rather sad, but it will be nice to have a diaper free home and actually have time to do my laundry rather than just diapers.

I just finished up this Chullo hat for my friend Peter. I made him one last winter in Paton's olives and browns and he promptly lost it skiing in Colorado. This one, in harvest colors, should be easier to spot. It was rather odd finishing up a wool hat on the first day of summer!I also just finished up two fun scarves out of eyelash yarn, the blue one is supper skinny, extra long and uber soft. The pumpkin colored one is a bit more substantial and could chase an autumn chill and still look fab-u-lous! Boogie likes to lay his head on it and says 'comfy, comfy'. Most likely I will offer them for sale on my Hyena Cart shop EUConline.
I have a bath room rug in progress and one other neon green skinny eyelash scarf on the needles (scarves are nice, simple projects to take with to play group and on car rides)
. Next, I have to pick out a cowl pattern and yarn for a swap amongst a forum group of knitters of which I am a member. I'm a bit intimidated by this since may of them are professional knitters and are fancy wool snobs (and I mean that in the best possible way). I really want to put together a nice project so as to not disappoint my swap partner. At least I have until September to obsess, er complete the item.

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