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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A slide! A slide! Outside? Outside?

Grandpas' gift arrived early yesterday morning. FedEx showed up while I was down in the barn milking and doing chores, so the driver jammed the huge box on the back porch, which is much better than not leaving it at all I guess. After finishing up morning chores and getting Boogies breakfast I went out and opened the box and took out the pieces to get an idea of what it would take to put it together. Big mistake! Without thinking, I set out the pieces in full view of the bedroom window, and even though it was no more than 5 pieces of plastic strewn on the lawn, Boogie immediately recognized it as something for him to play with. This revelation meant that I would either have a 'helper' or risk him pulling a Superman out the second floor window. I have never seen him so excited and happy! It didn't take too long to wrestle the pieces into place and Voila'!, one very happy Boogie-man!(Mama was happy too, since the slide itself is manufactured in the U.S.A.) Then after all the sliding we had to take a snack break, nap time then, MORE SLIDING!

I am afraid we've created quite a monster, all I have heard since we woke up this morning is "outside? outside? pants? shoes? outside? outside?"

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