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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Me and Boogie Magee

Yesterday was the Boogie-mans quarterly eye exam in LaCrosse. While it is a scenic drive along the Mississippi for the most part, aside from trains Boog finds it pretty boring so we spent most of the nearly two hours singing the ABC song and Twinkle, Twinkle, interspersed with the Clash, Janis Joplin and Cheryl Crow. Wish I could have filmed him banging his head and singing 'you always tease, tease,tease'. It was hysterical!

The little guy has been pretty much non-compliant in terms of wearing his glasses or eye patch, so we are now going to try eye drops to temporarily weaken his stronger eye and force the weaker eye to work harder. I hate to have to do it, but reasoning with a 2 1/2 year old to wear his glasses and eye patch is, well just impossible. Funny, but he doesn't mind wearing my readers when he can get his mitts on them. We are going to try this route for the next three months and see what happens. He will probably still need to have surgery to correct the turned eye at some point in time as well. The doctor also recommended a type of frame for his glasses called Como Baby that a:)our insurance does not cover and b:)our optometrist does not carry.
Since the weather was bad, we stopped at a McDonald's with a huge play place so he could run off the frustration of 2 hours stuck in his car seat. I've found the key to a successful experience with the Boogie-monster is to let him play first. While the thought of cold french fries makes me gag, it makes no difference to him and it is just not worth the fight to get him to sit and eat first. There was a large climbing area and spiral slide and he headed right up the ramps without looking back. I eventually had to ask an older girl go get him and send him down the slide or we would still be there. I was worried that the big slide might scare him, but he appeared at the bottom with the biggest grin, though I'm not sure if that was the thrill of the slide or the cute little girl that came to his rescue (he is such a flirt!). The rest of the day consisted of errands (must hit the craft stores!), filling his prescription and then Boogie napping most of the way home.

Today is turning out to be a gorgeous day, moderate temps, sunshine and a light breeze. Time to get outside.

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