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Monday, June 7, 2010

Bunny Update - Week 5 1/2

The garden has kept me pretty busy the last coupla weeks, so I haven't kept up with the fluffy updates. The oldest litter is in a large pen and I'm getting ready to separate out the boys from the girls so we don't have any funny business going on. They are all developing beautiful coats and becoming big fluffy balls of wool, YAY! I still have a few black bucks for sale from this litter. Either that or I'll have a LOT of black fibre for sale down the road.

The next litter is HUGE for their age and one has the cutest white marks on its nose. Only the one white baby in this litter, the rest are black. I find that interesting since momma is white herself.

The last litter is growing well and there seems to be a lot of neat colors in this batch of eight. One is a beautiful silver/pewter color which is not showing up well in this photo at all!

We have gotten back to some rainy, spring like weather this week as a respite from the hot and humid days we had a week ago. The rain is slowing down some of the progress in the garden since I still have a few areas that need to be re-tilled. I'm hoping to get everything finished this week and start planting broccoli and cauliflower seedlings for the fall garden. I also picked up two dozen strawberry plants that need a raised bed made for them. It will be nice when I'm harvesting more than broccoli, lettuce, chard and radishes. I can't wait for my first tomato!

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