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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Little Crafty and Christmas Decorations

WOW! December first already! So now we start the countdown to Christmas and then a brand new year. Boogie didn't quite have the concept of the holidays last season, but he is certainly making up for it this year. I began putting up the tree a few days ago, but when I went to the shed I realized that I had put up the wrong tree. Rather then take it down, we decorated both. One is done in red with bows and wooden ornaments with beaded garland.
The other is done up in blue and silver with a snowflake theme and ribbon garland. I love them both and the decorations are mostly from the thrift or purchased after season at deep discount. I do enjoy all the horse themed ornaments I got as gifts from riding students in the past too.
My little drummer boy found some empty tins and immediately turned them into a drum kit using mis-matched knitting needles as sticks.
Since there were some casualties in the ornament department last year at the hands of tod-zilla, Boog and I did a little craft with some wooden spools I had saved and some odd turned wooden pieces I found resale that look rather bell shaped. I got some beads for $1 in town and had red cotton yarn on hand and we made some ornaments reminiscent of my childhood.
By stringing beads onto the cotton and then through the spool. We finished the tops off with star shaped beads and a loop for hanging. A simple and quick project that suits my preschoolers attention span. They go very well on the red tree, if I do say so myself.
I also took advantage of the warmer weather earlier in the week to put some lights and garland up outside. I did the second story window that frames the red tree as well as the front porch door directly under it. I may put lights around a few more porch windows if I get up the initiative.
Now I need to start planning the candy making and baking, I'm thinking my first project is going to be salt caramels and then on to chocolate from there.
Here's to hoping we all get our shopping done and treats made with as little stress as possible so we can truly enjoy the season.

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  1. I love those wooden ornaments. What a great idea!!