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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in Cassville

Here in small town Wisconsin, it's still politically correct to have public CHRISTmas celebrations and they do it up right.This little town by the river offers a visit with Santa at the library in the morning or the volunteer firehouse in the early evening. (FUN FACT : Of the 870 fire departments in Wisconsin, 800 are volunteer). A tour of the equipment is ALWAYS fun for Boogie, he loves trucks (almost as much as trains). The sirens and lights are very exciting! He was not sure about Santa, but did accept the fire fighters hat he offered.

All the shops are in open house mode, a living nativity complete with pygmy goat is staged and there is a warming house set up but the Lioness Club in Riverside Park, with open fires burning along the paths to warm yourself. This was really appreciated as it was chilly and windy. At 7:30 fireworks were set off. Boogie likes the BOOM! BOOMS! but
we watched them from the warmth of the car as he was shivering despite the many layers of clothing.
The Rollo Jameson Museum in Platteville is offering free admission to a holiday display every weekend through Christmas with some evening concerts as well. In addition children can make ornaments to take home.
Next Saturday Santa will be coming to visit Lancaster and the awesome little theatre in town will offer a free screening of 'Polar Express'. which I am certain Boog will love.
However, tomorrow the Christmas Express lighted holiday train will be making a stop in Marquette, Iowa at 3:45 and I believe that will really make his day.
Enjoy the season, seeing through a preschoolers eyes for the first time since I was a preschooler has been a very enlightening and wonderful experience.

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