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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Filled Friday Packed with Projects

This place is a lot of work, especially for just one person! With the threat of substantial additional snow tomorrow and then a deep freeze starting Sunday I still have lots of things I wanted to get done to make it as painless as possible. Fortunately, today was pretty pleasant and mild which facilitated getting a lot done. Boogie, on the other hand, was not so cooperative. A nice long nap would have given me time to get more done.I managed to get the windows covered in the chicken coop and get them bedded down with straw. The outside dogs got plenty of extra straw to combat the cold and damp and I put up a wind break on the guinea pen.
In addition, the window wells in the basement each needed a bale of straw over them for insulation. I purchased a used four wheel drive pick up last Sunday which is making hauling things around the farm much easier! I'd also like to get a good amount of wood up to the house so that I don't have to go out too often in -20 wind chill.

Tomorrow I need to check all the pipes in the basement and get the heat tapes fired up so Boogie and I have running water once the weather turns. I put plastic up on a couple of the more drafty windows, but still have a few more to get done.The puppies appear to be enjoying the snow. Heaven knows as adults they will want no part of it. The little boy (on the left) is still looking for his forever home if you need a cuddle-y stocking stuffer!

Here's hoping we don't get snowed in tomorrow since I'd like to take Boogie to Lancaster to visit with Santa and take in the free showing of 'Polar Express' at the little local theater. I think he'll love seeing trains on a big screen.

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