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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A visit with Grandpa

A week ago, Boogie and I headed across Southern Wisconsin yet again to visit Grandpa. I meant to get these pictures posted last week, but they were preempted by a surprise birth in the goat barn. We had very nice weather and an enjoyable trip. I took Drip along with this time. He needed a break after dealing with all the girls in season these past few weeks.

Fortunately he rides really well in the car
, just climbed in the back and slept most of the way. We did head into town for lunch, where Boogie decided he needed to eat the lemon slice from my iced tea. Otherwise, we just pretty much hung out at the cabin and relaxed.

Boogie likes to play with all the old toys, some are his cousins, some were mine, some Grandpas, some even older. Next visit we will go for a boat ride!There is also a lot of interesting stuff to do outside, which helps to wear Boogie out and then he can sleep for most of the drive home. We didn't make it back until 11:30 and he went right to sleep in his bed. I, unfortunately, still had a goat to milk!I'm hoping we get back over there in a few weeks for the state fair. I think the Boogie-monster would really like that. Mmmmmmm, cream puffs!

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