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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mid-summer Garden

The rain and warm weather has been good to the garden. I actually picked my first tomato yesterday, which is not too bad for Wisconsin. Unfortunately, before I could snap a photo, Boogie picked it up off the counter and ate it like an apple!
During the hot weather I try to keep a few heads of lettuce in a shady spot

As usual there is a ton of winter squash, the Australian Butter Squash is taking over the south garden and the Buttercup is doing well in a new raised bed with some heirloom tomatoes. The soil in this bed is a bit clay and needs more organic material.
I have seen adult Squash Vine Borers flying about, so make sure to protect your vining crops!

Still waiting on a few cauliflower to mature but now I am dealing with cabbage worms, damn those little white butterflies!

Looks like a good year for beans in spite of the fact that my first planting failed completely. Second planting is just about ready for it's first harvest and the third and fourth plantings look great.

The lower or north garden is primarily pumpkins and squash with tomatoes. The idea was to get the vines to grow OUT from the edge of the garden, but they have a mind of their own I'm afraid. I decreased the size of this garden a bit as the trees mature around it one end was just too shaded to produce well.
A new pumpkin.
Lots of both red and green cabbage, I've been making a lot of slaw. The cabbage is very tender thus far and the Boogie-man really likes it. Eggplant, in black plastic for warmth, is flowering.

Rhubarb is done for the season and the plants look big and healthy!

A few VERY early potatoes planted in a hollow stump used like a raised bed.

and dill are flowering and some will be left to reseed.

Yellow summer squash is almost ready to harvest

The bugs are just fierce and making is very miserable to get out and weed, I try to do a little at a time and stay out of the garden at dusk.
Big or small, HAPPY GARDENING!

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