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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Parades, bar-b-que, fireworks and a street dance! Happy 4th!

Most of the small towns around here had their celebrations on Saturday the 3rd. This worked out well as today is looking to be overcast, muggy and rainy with a chance of thunderstorms. Boogie and I finished chores and headed out to a parade in the river town of Bagley, WI. These parades consist mostly of local politicians, antique cars and tractors and volunteer fire and rescue squads. The vehicles alone are enough to keep the little guys attention. Boogie handled all the walking really well and was still running and skipping on the way back to the car.

Local business toss lots of candy to the children, though Boogie hasn't learned to be grabby just yet. The older kids were very nice and shared their haul with him and I'm sure by next year he will be a candy shark in his own right. We hit a few garage sales on the way home and searched in vain for a rasp to work on Brighty the donkeys feet, most of the hardware stores had closed early.
At home we had grilled brats that I simmered in apple juice along with cole slaw, home made with cabbage from the garden and Sunchips. There was home made blackberry or blueberry cheesecake ice cream for dessert.

Then we headed back to Bagley for fireworks and a street
dance. Boog and I got there about a half an hour before dusk and he was able to play on the slides. They have a climbing apparatus that is about 12 feet high and probably wouldn't even be considered safe in a third world country so the little monkey had to climb to the very top, making Mommie very nervous and himself very proud. Fortunately there was another mommie spotter on the inside to help out.
He really liked the fireworks display, saying BOOM! crackle crackle after nearly each explosion. Then we headed over a few blocks to the street dance with a live band. Boogie danced his little tushie off right in front of the bandstand until 10:30 when I figured it was time to get the little Casanova home to bed. He danced with lots of pretty young girls and they kept giving him glow bracelets and necklaces, what a charmer. I hope he keeps this 'joi de virve' as he matures. It is a pleasure to watch. When we finally got him to bed he took his glow sticks with him and fell asleep with them around his head! Probably dreaming of the brunette in the tight jeans!

Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July

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