Early Spring Sunrise Snow on the Silo

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'bye, 'bye futta-flies!

I was beginning to feel guilty that these painted ladies were going to spend all of their short lives in a cage eating sugar syrup. I had planned to release them on the 4th, but stormy weather nixed that and rain and winds have continued. Today offered brief relief and even a few peaks of sun, the best I could hope for until Friday. I had been warning Boogie that the butterflies would have to go bye bye since they hatched and I was hoping that he wouldn't be too upset when his friends flew off. He took it very well, just chasing them through the garden for a few minutes, but no tears.

The rainy weather also necessitated a trip to use a dryer at the laundry or we would have been out of clean diapers shortly. We spent some time at the park while the dryer worked its magic.

I will not complain too much about the weather here given the temperatures out east, but I am hoping for it to dry up a bit before the garden becomes too much of a jungle!

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