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Friday, April 9, 2010

Goat for Sale! Goat for sale!

Sorry big boy, as much as I like ya (most days!), ya gotta go! Conner is a handsome, healthy ADGA registered American Oberhasli yearling buck. My two older does that he bred last season were given to me because they have CAE and they will not be healthy enough to breed again so the only purebred does I have are his daughters and therefore he needs to find a new home that is in need of his services. He is skittish, but not at all aggressive. By that I mean he is a bit difficult to catch, but he won't charge or head butt you as you are trying. I've kept him wormed and he has had CDT and Bo/Se. He does have some scur growth, but it is close to his head and hasn't caught or broken in the past.

Though I wasn't able to get their noses out of the hay, the Oberhasli kids in this photo, one doe and one buck, are his offspring. The buck kid will be available too, as soon as I get him tattooed and registered.

I'd like $150 for him, or would trade for an unrelated buck or registered doe, or I don't know, what else do you have? He is located in SW Wisconsin near the Iowa/Illinois border.

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