Early Spring Sunrise Snow on the Silo

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SNOWmaggedon! BLIZZaster! No, just winter in the Upper Midwest.

Well I can't say that things lived up to all the hype, though I must admit we were not in the middle of all the truly heavy precipitation. Now I'm not saying we didn't get a big storm because the wind was terrible and the drifts are very high, but I can't imagine anyone in this area not able to get out and about by Wednesday afternoon.
We started with some snow on Monday into Tuesday with the worst predicted for Wednesday. Boogie and I took advantage of the break to run a few errands and make sure we had plenty of animal feed. Play group was canceled, but we visited a friend who does daycare so the little guy got a bit of a play fix in anyway.
The bulk of snow and wind came on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, with it all ending up about 4 am. SO most of Wednesday consisted of running the snow blower, shoveling and getting the truck up the drive way. I also hauled up a bunch more fire wood in anticipation of frigid temperatures expected for Wednesday night. The drifts in the fenced yard behind the house are as high as the fence and the puppies can just scramble right out!
Yes, there IS a wood pile under there, some where....
We now have three doe kids and Boogie loves to help feed them.
All three girls waiting for breakfast

I hope you all survived the 'big one' with relative ease, upside is Phil says spring is just around the corner. You can always trust a ground hog, right?

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