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Monday, December 5, 2011

'Tis The Season, Already?!?!

OH MY! Hard to believe how quickly this fall flew by. The weather has been fairly decent and we are just getting our first week of consistently below freezing weather. This is the time of year I like the least, primarily due to frozen water buckets! That and the fact that it is dark by 4:30pm. A friend of mine observed that after the 20th the days get longer and spring will be right around the corner, but I am not that optimistic.

I have a critter in my pasture that has been helping itself to duck dinners! It is likely fox based on the dens and the fact that it takes the s
maller ducks and doesn't carry them off. Time to dust off the live trap. I'm guessing my first capture will be the barn cat, and hoping it won't be a SKUNK!

I've finally gotten back to knitting in earnest and have a number of hats and scarves for sale at my Hyena Cart shop, EUC. I can also knit a variety of styles in colors to match your coat or jacket.

Boogie had one visit to Santa so far and actually sat next to him and told him what he wanted for Christmas. Last year he was absolutely terrified of the guy. I guess our weeks of practice paid off. He swore he would 'be brave' and ask Santa for a 'Diesel 10 with Pinchy'. For those without young boys, it is a specific 'Thomas the Tank Engine' train. I have it on good word that he just might get one. Now we have to write Santa a letter so he can give it to him next time he sees him 'just so Santa will remember'.

Still need to drag out the tree and decorations, hope you are all into the spirit of the season, I need to get myself into gear.

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  1. Willow keeps asking me to get the tree out, but with everything going on and the part time job I just haven't had time. I hope this weekend. He had grow up so much :)