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Friday, March 4, 2011

Battle for the Bed

Apparently the fact that it is called a dog bed has no bearing on the Boogie-man. He has decided that the new pet bed should be for his television viewing comfort.

Poor Tank has been forcibly evicted many times now.

While he has been victorious a few times, for the most part the bed is now Boogie territory! LOL

The child has even been known to 'share' the dogs treats with them :-{
Nothing sweeter (or quieter) then a sleeping Boogie.
Waiting on 2 more does to freshen, need to pick up new rabbit cages from a friend about and hour away and still have some work to get done on the hoop house.
The wood pile is dwindling, but I think there is enough to make it through to warmer days. I am hoping that day isn't too much further off!

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