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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Boogie Monster is 3 years old!

Yup! It's been three whole years since he made his early appearance on November 4th, 2007 at 9:35 PM. Could I be anymore behind in my posts? We went to McDonalds in town since they have an indoor play place. Boogie got his very first happy meal.

He was able to climb around for a couple of hours with some other kids who were also celebrating birthdays. At one point the older boys were playing a war game and when one of them was laying on the ground after being 'shot', my little birthday boy, not getting the concept, knelt down and asked him "You all right" You all right?" What a sweet heart, he makes me so proud!

My attempt at a train cake failed miserably. ( If anyone knows how to get the cake to actually come out of a dimensional pan in one piece, please pass that info along!) I picked up a store cake and Boogie helped me write Happy Birthday and he was able to blow out all three candles by himself!
After cake he opened his token gift, a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine pjs, since his real gift was 2 miniature horses we got for him a week earlier.
This week we met up with his Aunt at the same said McDonalds for lunch and more cool birthday gifts.My little rock star!
Now on to find out if three really is worse then the terrible twos!

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